Mens Division

The EGA Men’s Division schedules and runs tournaments for amateur male golfers.

2021 Men’s BMW Open Winners

Left: Kent Fukushima and Mike Stewart, Winners or the Team portion of the Edmonton BMW open
Middle: Edmonton BMW open champion, Nick Vandermey
Right: Jari Kubica, Low amateur for the open

2021 Men’s Amateur and Senior Tournament Winners

Left: 2021 Winner Amateur Ryan DenBraber with Robin Laurie & Larry Kennedy.

Right: 2021 Senior Winner Brain Laubman with Robin Laurie & Larry Kennedy.

2020 Men’s Amateur and Senior Winners

Left: Brandon Markiw from the Glencoe Golf Club in Calgary wins the 2020 EGA Men’s Amateur Championship
Right: AB Public Player, Robin Laurie wins the 2020EGA Men’s Senior Championship