Mens Division

The EGA Men’s Division schedules and runs tournaments for amateur male golfers, and is responsible for organizing Men’s Interclub play within the city of Edmonton and surrounding areas.

2021 Men’s BMW Open Winners

Left: Kent Fukushima and Mike Stewart, Winners or the Team portion of the Edmonton BMW open
Middle: Edmonton BMW open champion, Nick Vandermey
Right: Jari Kubica, Low amateur for the open

2021 Men’s Amateur and Senior Tournament Winners

Left: 2021 Winner Amateur Ryan DenBraber with Robin Laurie & Larry Kennedy.

Right: 2021 Senior Winner Brain Laubman with Robin Laurie & Larry Kennedy.

2020 Men’s Amateur and Senior Winners

Left: Brandon Markiw from the Glencoe Golf Club in Calgary wins the 2020 EGA Men’s Amateur Championship
Right: AB Public Player, Robin Laurie wins the 2020EGA Men’s Senior Championship