Ladies Interclub

Interclub is match-play golf format, played between members of teams from Edmonton and surrounding golf clubs. The golf clubs must be members of the EGA.

Talk to your home course Interclub representative to find out how your course selects Interclub players.

The objectives of the Ladies’ Interclub program are to promote friendly relationships and competition between clubs via match play.

The Ladies’ Division has two Interclub competitions: Marshall Cup and Podersky Cup.

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Tournament Cups and Awards

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Marshall Cup

The Marshall Challenge Cup, Ladies’ Inter-Club Match is the official name of the Marshall Cup. Mr. R.C. Marshall, owner of Crown Paving and Engineering at that time, donated it in 1932. He was a member of the Highlands Golf Club and was interested in ladies’ golf competitions.

He felt it was only the low handicap golfers who ever had a chance to compete for trophies, so he presented the Highlands with a cup to be played for the bronze division. This cup is still being competed for at Highlands. The Marshall Challenge Cup was presented to encourage inter-club competition, foster good sportsmanship and promote inter-club friendship.

The cup was first played for in 1932 and the Municipal Golf Course (now Victoria Golf Course) was the first winner. For the first few years it was played as an inter-club tournament with a team of four ladies representing each associated club. In the years that followed it continued to be played as a challenge cup, but the gradual evolvement of today’s format is apparent from the minutes of the annual meetings of the Edmonton Ladies’ Golf Association. In 1941 a silver and bronze player were used, forerunner of our present A and B teams. The continuing problems encountered over the years are evident in the yearly notation in the minutes, the annual discussion of the Marshall Cup followed.

In 1948 a Marshall Cup committee consisting of a representative from each club was formed to take charge of the Marshall Cup play. This yearly committee began to develop new rules for the competition. Finally in 1952, the recommendations of the committee were adopted at the annual meeting of the Edmonton Ladies’ Golf Association and the Marshall Cup became an inter-club competition with set dates of play. The format has remained fairly consistent since that time, except for a redefining of some rules and a change in 1964 to the present system of scoring.

On Mondays from mid-May to mid-June, eight ladies represent their home club in a Marshall cup single match play in twosomes, to promote camaraderie as well as serious competition. It is hoped that the Marshall Cup, as it continues to be played for by the Edmonton area lady golfers, will always be a symbol of friendship and good sportsmanship as well as of good golf.

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Podersky Cup

The trophy known as the Podersky Cup is the Fred Podersky Memorial Trophy, Ladies’ Two-Ball Handicap Inter-Club Challenge. The trophy was donated in 1948 by the Louis Podersky Family in memory of their son, Fred, who died at the age of 27. Since he had been an ardent golfer, the family decided that a golf trophy would be an appropriate memorial.

The Podersky Cup originally was played for as designated on the trophy a two-ball handicap inter-club challenge. It was first played for in 1948. The first winners of the cup were Lou Hooson and Jean Robbie from Highlands, who successfully challenged a team from Municipal and retained the cup at the end of the year.

From 1948 to 1955 the cup was played for as a challenge cup. In 1956 the format changed to a two-ball handicap inter-club team competition, similar to that used today. The new format involved more players and presented a greater opportunity for encouraging sociability among the clubs. The competition was set up to provide the higher handicap golfer with a chance to compete, since the combined handicap of each team had to be 30 or more. The first winner under this changed format was Mayfair in 1956.

The Podersky Cup competition has continued in essentially the same form to the present. A few more rules have been added and others redefined. In 1962 with more clubs entering, the draw was changed so that each club visited two other clubs each day of the draw. In 1964 the scoring system was changed to the present form.

Throughout its past history the Podersky Cup not only has presented a golfing challenge, but also has stimulated good will and fellowship among Edmonton area lady golfers.

Presently these matches are played on Thursdays from mid-May to mid-June with eight ladies representing their home club.